Sunday, January 31, 2010

Job Searching – Have a Plan

As with anything else in life having a plan when job searching is very important.

The first part of my job searching plan involves feeling better about myself. We all know that feeling when we are having a 'bad hair day' it just seems nothing at all goes right and if anything everything goes wrong.

Taking a deep breath, ok, several of them and cleansing my body of the negative thoughts and feelings that have surrounded me for months will do a lot to aid in feeling better about me and thus physically feeling better.

Other things that will greatly help are getting some fresh air. It is entirely too cold for a walk but a little old fashioned 'let the sun shine' will certainly help. Opening the shades and praying for sun today.

Then it will be on to working on my surroundings. It is a proven fact that a cluttered or dirty surrounding affects both your attitude and health. Although I would not say my house is dirty it certainly is cluttered – time to do some quick and early spring cleaning.

Also on the list of things to do today is to watch a movie. Not just any movie and actually one I have seen a hundred times before, "Braveheart". You know the one staring Mel Gibson. Am going to watch this time for homework – little cinema research for an article but not what you would expect, no 'movie review'.

This should keep me busy for the day and work towards my job search plan.

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Peace and Joy,
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