Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road to Unemployment

With today's economy it is not surprising that the work situation is affecting people's health. I am one of those people. Over the last few months I have found myself missing more and more work due to health issues. I am not proud of the fact that in six months I have missed more work than I did in the combined ten years prior.

Migraine head aches which I have suffered from in the past but never to the intensity or frequency as now are just one of the problems.. Stomach ailments have become a part of my life. Not sleeping at night and horrid nightmares or dreams about work is another issue.

The most resent problem combined with the others is panic attacks. Heart pounding, dizzy and a feeling the world is crashing in on me. Just the thought of work brings on these attacks and has for several days straight.

It is certainly time to find a new job. Granted this will not be an easy task but how long can a person continue to work on a job that is breaking down one's physical condition? I do have my internet earning to help but currently do need additional employment.

With an unemployment rate of over 15% in my town job searching will not be easy but I have enough confidence in myself to know I will succeed. I am a hard worker, smart, and reliable – under normal circumstances. In the meantime I have more time to write which does bring me some income but more than anything gives me some joy.

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Peace and Joy,
Faith Draper aka byfaithonly

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