Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Work :(

Just throwing this out to see what others think. I remember when my kids were in school. There were a couple over the years (out of 4, 3 did not like school). Because of their dislike for setting in a classroom they did tend to 'skip school'. The punishment never made since to me - suspend them from school. Is this not rewarding them for the behavior the school was trying to break them of?
So how does this relate to work? I for one am thankful to have a job in an economy where there are thousands unemployed. The fact however is I hate the work I do and while for financial reasons I drag myself to work most days I would much rather be doing anything else.
Today for the second day in a row I along with many others was sent home early because work was slow. Yippee - my pay check will suffer but I can't say I am broken hearted at this time. How did they select who would go home? First the employees with the best attendance record were asked if they wanted to go. A few of these people did leave. Next they sent home the ones with the worst attendance... Yes, just like school they rewarded the ones with poor attendance by giving them what they wanted - to be any place but at work.
Granted there are people such as myself who's attendance was effected by health problems - sick with the flu I did not go to work. One co-worker had a heart attach a few months ago but missed work because of that and is now at the bottom of the list and was sent home. This is NOT right but I still thought it funny that a large number of people were sent home because they have too much fun on the weekend and can't manage to make it to work on Monday. Another group just doesn't care and tend to show up late or go home early for made up reasons.
My advice, if you are working from home do not let yourself fall into the group of people who gets sent home. No matter what job you are doing keep at it. Set a regular work schedule for yourself and stick to it. If not you could 'get sent home' or worse back to the work force that has no choice in the hours you work.
Peace and Joy,
Faith Draper aka byfaithonly

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