Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Technorati - Get Your Blog Listed

Technorati is the #1 place for the latest in blogs. As far as I'm concerned if you are taking the time to post on a blog you really should be signed up with Technorati - it's FREE, easy, and can help to bring traffic and recognition to your blog.

Of course if your posting just to see yourself post then by all means ignore this advice!

When you sign up with Technorati you will have the opportunity to list your blog or blogs should you have more than one (I have 3). There is no monitary gain directly from Technorati but it is well worth your time and effort to join the millions of other bloggers who are members.

You will get a profile page such as mine shown here http://www.technorati.com/people/technorati/byfaithonly

You can add your friend's blogs to your favorites (please do include me in that) - what this does is on one page will show the most recent posts on your favorite blogs and other people can do the same for you (free publicity).

Another feature is the Technorati 'authority' rating. What this tells you is how many people are 'talking' about your blog on their blogs. By clicking on your 'authority' you can actually see what blogs are active and linking to your blog - this is more pubicity for you from visitors on those blogs as well as the search engines also detect these links.

One last feature I think is terrific about Technorati is the 'ping' feature. What 'pinging' does is sends a little signal out to your blog to pick up the most recent posts on your blog and displays those on your Technorati profile... You can do this manually or some blog systems give the option of having your blog 'pinged' every time you add a new post.

If your blog is listed on Technorati and you would be interested in exchanging links (this will help both of us) please feel free to leave a comment here. My authority has dropped horribly and I would like to get it back up.

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