Thursday, February 21, 2008

TopSurfer More than Just a Traffic Exchange

I see and hear a lot of people asking or wondering how they can promote their various referral links to get referrals. Of course the first answer would be to invest the time and/or money in a blog or web site but there are other options.

One of the easiest and cheapest (FREE) is TopSurfer a manual traffic exchange I have discussed in the past. A great feature I haven't discussed is the 'My Page' that TopSurfer offers where you can promote up to 10 different sites, pages, or programs from one simple page.

You can see my own 'My Page' HERE - all you do once you have joined TopSurfer is login to your account, click on the 'Edit or Create "My Page"' button pictured below then you will see the boxes to insert your url(s) and a brief description of the site. Save and you are done - how much easier can that be. Share this one page on traffic exchanges, forums, as part of your e-mail signature.

Two other great features I use daily are the 'Your Wesite's URLs' - make sure you include your referral urls here so you can share each program individually with other TopSurfer members. This is a traffic exchange program so when you view other member's pages they will view yours. If you don't 'surf' you won't be seen.

Seeing as how you are going to be surfing why not make some money at the same time - in my book every little bit helps. You won't get rich at this but TopSurfer also offers a 'Surf Bar' where you can earn cash while surfering. When you click on the 'Surf To Earn More Hits' button you will be taken to a page with a list of different surf bars you can select from.

I use the one pictured here but note the red print below - it says 'Make this your browser's start page' I do this! That way each time you open your browser you are earning cash and credits and with the tabbed browsers I usually have this open while I'm doing other things and just click to another page from time to time. This could be why I have over 6000 unused credits in my account right now :)

If you are looking for a way to promote 1-10 referral pages, would like to get FREE traffic, or would like to earn a little extra money you really should join TopSurfer if you haven't already.

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