Monday, February 18, 2008

More on the Greatness of Traffic Exchanges

Are you sick of hearing about Traffic Exchanges?

Well, too bad. I love traffic exchanges - their free, each one is different, there's always something new to see, and you can advertise a wealth of different businesses.

Who can benefit from traffic exchanges?
Small business owners
Affiliate program members
Paid to Click or Paid to Read promoters
Grandmas Selling Baby Blankets (Yes, I do that too)

Anyone who is selling a service, product, or promoting anything at all can use traffic exchanges. This is advertising for free!

Want some tips?

#1 - Create a folder in your favorites or bookmarks just for Traffic Exchanges. This will help you to keep organized from the start.

#2 - Save the login page or start page for every traffic exchange you join in this folder.

#3 - Don't waste your time with auto surf traffic exchanges. Most people just start their surfer running and walk away from the computer - I've done this myself hundreds of times - really rack up the credits but guess what - everyone else is doing this too and NO ONE is actually seeing the pages.

#4 - Don't get discouraged. At first it may seem like you never have many credits and have to surf surf surf. This will change if you are persistant.

#5 - Save your referral IDs for all of your traffic exchanges (note pad works great for this - you will want to use those later.

#6 - Promote your traffic exchange referral IDs. Yes, you read correct. At the same time using the same methods that you are promoting your program, service, or product promote your traffic exchange programs. You earn credits from your referrals which means more people will see your links and you'll have to surf less.

#7 - Set back and watch your business grow!

True story: One of the first traffic exchanges I joined was TopSurfer. I've been working with this company for over 5 years and have never spent a penny on advertising. Oh opps I may not have mentioned this but TopSurfer also offers a cash surf program. You surf pages earning views for your sites but also earn CASH - ya gotta love that.

I also have promoted this right along with my other programs and have gotten enough referrals over the years that right now I have a bank of over 5000 credits in my account - that means my web sites will be shown to other people that many times and I don't have to do anything at all...TopSurfer is by far my favorite traffic exchange but there are many other great ones out there some of which are listed on the left panel.

I promote my Arts and Crafts web site, this blog, my traffic exchanges, and all money making programs I work with on traffic exchanges. Are you?

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