Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting the Most from Your Blog

Over the last few months I've run across many many people who have blogs. A key theme I've seen through-out is most blog owners are trying to make money online.

There are a variety of ways of doing this such as Google adsense (they banned me), getting paid for posting ads for others, or simply promoting a product or service.

Another thing I've seen a lot of, and admit I'm quilty of, is promoting referral links for other paying programs. Lets face it, it's easy to collect a few dollars here and there for clicking on ads, reading emails, or surfing web sites.

I think it's very important for that last group to take a look at blogs as a means of increasing their earnings with very little effort. You can start a blog 100% free of cost, you can list all of your paying programs, you simply promote your blog such as in directories, traffic exchanges, and search engines and guess what!

You'll get referrals!!!

And lets face it if your happy with a few dollars or cents a month fine don't listen to me but if you would like to be making $1000 or more a month you are going to have to get lots of referrals. You can do this on one program or 100 programs. Which ever way the common theme I see of people working these programs is 'how do I get referrals'.

Get the word out to people - that's how! In order for people to know you want to referr them to a program you are going to have to let them know that you do. 1 great way to do this is with a blog, simple as that.

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