Sunday, July 08, 2007


A friend of mine at myLot referred me to this program a few weeks ago but do to so many other things going on such as moving, adjusting to living in the same house with 2 grandchildren, and it's summer - I want to be outside, not on the computer I honestly have not done much with it.

At SlashMySearch you actually earn by searching - that's right what you normally do on your other favorite search engine such as Yahoo or Google you can get paid for at SlashMySearch.

Now this may not mean much to some people but in my line of work where I'm doing a lot of research (freelance author) this could build into a nice extra monthly income.

The chart below shows how with a few referrals you too could add to your monthly earnings although I do think these figures are unrealistic it gives you a clear idea of how it works. And they do pay monthly with a minimum balance of $20.

I haven't obviously received payment yet but I do know people who have and highly recommend this program for earning from home. To sign up simply click on any of the links in this message.

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