Thursday, July 05, 2007

PTC Sites - Hints and Tips

On the left hand panel of each page of my blog is a section titled "My Favorite PTC sites:". I never thought of it but there are I'm sure many people who have no idea what a PPC site is. PTC stands for 'pay per click' and that is exactly what you do to earn money at the sites I've listed and many I discuss here.

How these sites work, for the ones that do work, is advertisers pay a set price to show their web site or program. The members or PTCers are the ones who will be visiting, viewing, and getting paid a certain amount for their efforts.

Can the average person actually make money on PTC sites? YES! How much you might make depends on a number of different variables; the price being paid for clicking, the number of ads offered to click, and how many PPC site you belong to.

Tip #1: If you are new to PTC sites I would suggest you start with one or two programs at a time. The reason for this is when you sign with 50 sites in one day you are not going to get a real feel for the site and could find yourself over whelmed very quickly.

Tip #2: Right from the start, with the first PTC you sign up with open a new folder in your favorites or bookmarks to save your login pages. I say to do this because this way as you add more PTC sites they will all be in one place and you can and should check them daily (if not more often).
Hint - I do this and actually list the different sites in this folder in order of how good I think they are. Believe me, the last one in the folder of about 30 PTC sites doesn't get visited every day and I don't feel I'm missing anything.

Tip #3: Before or right after signing with a PTC site make sure you read the fine print so to speak. Terms of Service, Payout limits, and referrals are all important to me and should be to you also. It's true, you can make money on these sites without referrals but believe me if a site pays you a high percentage of what your referrals earn that money can amount to a nice payment. Also, if a site is paying $.005 (one half a cent) per ad and payout is $100 good luck ever seeing any money in the near future - it will take a long time.

Tip #4: Do a little research before you put a lot of time into a PTC site. Over my years on the Internet I've signed with hundreds of PPC sites that closed before I ever saw a penny. Ask around, if you belong to a forum such as myLot do a search for the PTC program and I'm sure you will be able to get an idea of how long the site has been around, do they pay, do they pay in a timely fashion, and many other questions you may have.

The sites on my favorite's list have passed my 'inspection' but you can be sure if I start to get a bad feeling or don't get paid they will not only be removed from my favorites but will be getting a 'Thumbs DOWN' rating from me.

My Favorite PTC sites:

  • RanosCash

  • AdverCash

  • ClixSense

  • Hits4Pay

  • AdBux

  • CashClix

  • AdBuddy

  • Myster-e-Mail

  • Deals-n-Cash

  • Please, if you have in the past or do in the future have a bad experience with these programs do leave a comment on this post letting us know about it.

    I should also add, there is a difference between PPC (pay per click) and PTC (paid to click). In a coming post I will explain PPC.

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