Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chickens Down on the Farm

I never knew until this past week but chickens are very camera shy. It seemed every time I walked out to the pen with the camera they ran under the bushes.

I have managed so far to get some photos though of this interesting group. We honestly don't know yet how many are actually chickens and how many are rosters but we do know there are more than one of the later and they are funny.

These are all what I think would be considered 'teenagers' the males voices are changing as they learn to crow and the females aren't laying eggs YET.

The main reason these 'chicks' were purchased was for the eggs. I'm sure we've all seen the normal 'white' chicken eggs and a few of us have seen 'brown' eggs but who has seen pastel colored eggs - pink, blue, speckeled and who knows what other colors. These chickens will eventually produce colored eggs.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing those first eggs and I can tell you if you've never had a fresh egg from the farm you truely are missing something - the yokes are almost orange unlike the washed out yellow you get in the store.

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