Friday, June 01, 2007

Flower of the Week

Oh this is pretty cool. I was playing around with Shareapic earlier and found a nice feature not only do they provide a code for you to insert your photos you've uploaded onto web sites, blogs, and forums but they will automatically upload photos to some systems for you.

I did it with this photo. Now, you can't include any information except for a title but if a person was in a rush and wanted to post a pictue I think this is pretty handy... Rather than messing around with codes just pop the photo to your blog and then when you have more time you can always post your message.

Another option would be to send the photo over from Shareapic and then e-mail your message - they wouldn't be on the same post but in your message you could easily refer to the photo.

As for this picture, my peonies are in bloom :) It's sad these flowers don't last long because they are among the sweetest smelling flowers I have growing in my yard.

A little tip about peonies - you require the help of ants to have nice blooms. Why, you ask! When the buds of the peonies develope their encased with a sticky substance. The ants love this stuff and as they 'feed' on the sticky stuff they actually clean it off allowing the blooms to open.

I learned this lesson the hard way the first spring I owned my house and was introduced to peonies. There were ants all over the place so you guessed it, I sprayed the ants and my peonies barely bloomed. Before the next spring someone told me about the 'ant's help' so didn't spray the next spring. The bloom in this picture is about six inches in diameter.

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