Friday, June 01, 2007


I just joined this site last night and am waiting for my blog to be approved but it looks very promising. I love to write but often I can’t think of topics to write on so this could be a win-win situation. I get topics to write on and businesses get their web site or product advertised on my blog.

If you own a blog, like writing, and would like to earn a little extra income you should check out Blogsvertise!

This is how it basically works: you sign up as a blogger, register your blog with Blogsvertise, and wait for your blog to be approved. Once that has happened you will be assigned tasks and when completed you’ll get paid for your efforts.

A few tips on Blogsvertise:
*They don’t accept NEW blogs so don’t run out as soon as you finish reading this, start your own blog and expect to start earning tomorrow. Blogs less than 30 days old may get accepted but will be put on ‘probation’ meaning you won’t earn as much for your assignments.
*A second way you can earn from blogging for Blogsvertise is through their affiliate program. How this works is if you refer advertisers to Blogsvertise you will be paid a percentage of what the advertiser spends.
*When you sign up and are waiting for your blog to be approved make sure you add a post to your blog such as this one promoting Blogsvertise. This is something they will look for when checking your blog. It gives them an idea of your writing talents and shows your ability to complete tasks.

If you’re not a blogger but are looking for ways to advertise your business you may want to check out Blogsvertise's ‘Advertisers’ section they offer 3 different ways of advertising through their system and offer a great way to get the word out about your business or web site – bloggers talking about you being one of the best forms of advertising online.

Obviously since I just joined last night and my blog hasn’t been approved yet I haven’t earned off Blogsvertise but I will keep you posted on that and after doing some research did find several members who have been paid. I see this becoming a Thumbs Up in the near future.

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