Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CashPosting - Thumbs Up *****

CashPosting Thumbs Up *****

CashPosting looks great and people have been paid so that's a big plus. I can't say it's my favorite but I'm a little Nervous Nellie and they do have a ton of rules for posting and earning. And they DO montitor the posts very closely so don't even think you are going to get away with anything not allowed at CashPosting.

This is some really easy money - posting discussions and responding to other member's discussions and get paid for it. They have a wide range of categories to post in and a very active membership. If you like forum posting why not get paid for doing it at CashPosting.

"Before you post, please take the time to quickly take note of the following:
-You get paid 3 cents ($ 0.03 ) for every post that you make in a paying category.
-The minimum pay out is $ 15. If you do not have $15 your money will be rolled over.
-To receive the payout, you must have a paypal account.
-Once you have $ 15, to receive the payout you must PM the Admin on the 29th, 30th or the 31st with your paypal address.
-As Soon as possible the Admin will send your payment to your paypal. address.
-All Payments are in USD ($)
-First off you have to post at least 136 characters to have a liable post otherwise your post is deleted or not accepted.
-Secondly, please make your spelling and grammar legible. Please no “tbeyr ealwyas gionga round inc ircles”.
-No Flaming or insulting. If you are found doing this you will be warned, then fined and ultimately banned.
-No emoticon spamming to have a sentence longer than 136 characters. You will be warned and fined.
-When you start a topic you must search the forum to see if this topic has already been asked. If it has, DON’T post it. It will be deleted straight away and your money deducted.
-Choose a sensible topic that can be relative to the other members and can be expanded. Explain why you have started this topic and what you want to come out of it."

Giving CashPosting a Thumbs Up ***** not because it's a favorite of mine but several of my friends from myLot are over there and I am daily popping in to see what's going on and rack up a little cash.

I would love to have you join us!
Join CashPosting Now!

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