Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TrafficPros - Thumbs DOWN

Ok, I joined the traffic exchange program TrafficPros 4 days ago on the understanding that I could earn $.01 for each site I visited. I've been doing this faithfully each day and already racked up $6.83

I was thinking this was great - view a web page for 30-10 seconds (didn't figure that out but some were for longer time than others). My earnings were adding up much faster than posting discussions or responses here on myLot.

Well, I logged in a bit ago thinking I would get my earnings up to $7.00 before going to bed. Do the math, that would mean surfing 17 sites right? NOT - I surfed 22 and when I checked my earnings I was only at $6.8268 I started looking around and not only has the 'pay' decreased drastically but it switched from 1:1 surf ratio to 2:1

Guess what my pay rate is now? "Cash Per Click: .00025" - that means surfing almost 80,000 to reach my payout of $25.00

Note - since I first posted this they have made several adjustments including increasing the pay per view to $.0025 which is much much better but in all honety I am not actively promoting this site and am not comfortable with the whole system. Including e-mails from the owner basically saying if more people don't pay for the upgrade there isn't going to be money for payouts...

If after all this you still want to give it a try my referral url is http://www.trafficpros.us?r=58672

Also - if you are already a member of TrafficPros make sure you remember that if you are inactive for 7 days they will set you as inactive, inactive for 7 more days and your account will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

TrafficPros is a free traffic exchange it doesnt pay anything unlike other hyips its a free advertising exchange thats why you didnt get paid. I think you must have gotten confused with the script.

Faith said...

Well, you are correct - TrafficPros is a free traffic exchange that doesn't pay anything but you obviously are not familure with the history of TrafficPros. When the site first opened in early 2007 they did highly promote the fact that members could 'EARN' by surfing. Then they started making tons of changes, such as the surf ratio, the earning amount, and then NOTHING. That was when this post was originally posted - when the money I had earned was NOT PAID.