Friday, May 25, 2007

Clix Sense - Thumbs Up *****

Although I haven't been a member of Clix Sense (I joined May 7, 2007)but a few weeks I can tell you it is one of my favorite programs. I was referred by a friend on myLot and am glad he did. You know I think it's great when I actually pay for an upgrade - I never do that, freebie all the way for me but it's worth it at Clix Sense.

Don't get me wrong though I've chatted with several people who showed proof that they reached payout at Clix Sense really fast with this pay-to-click program even as free members. So what's pay out? A very low $10!

Upgrades are $10 but I, with the upgrade, made that back in 2 weeks and the upgrade is good for a year.

No mail box filled with e-mails to sort through, just log in and click the "browse Ads" button. A list of all the ads available to you will appear and you just click on those.

Key Points:
Each page you browse at Clix Sense is displayed for 30 seconds.
No ads under $.01 and many above that.
You get paid for each ad you view.
Payouts are by check only and a long list of countries are accepted as members.
If your account balance is less than $10 (or the minimum payout you selected), earnings will carry forward until you have met the minimum check requirement.

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