Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warning for Tweet Users

First, Good morning all! I have noticed a 'trend' on Twitter of people 're-tweeting' other users but replacing important information such as links to articles or photographs. These people are 'using' other people's words, tweets, efforts, to gain traffic to their own sites and profits.

My advice to Twitter users is before you thank someone for re-tweeting (sharing your information with their followers) make sure they have not altered your original tweet (post). When you thank those people it is doing nothing more that drawing the attention of YOUR followers to these people.

This may seem tough but as far as I am concerned this is bordering on plagiarism and should NOT be encouraged. A good share of the links I share on Tweeter do bring me income when people read my articles or view my photographs to when those links are altered those people are in fact steeling from myself and the other people who have posted similar links...

You will find the majority of my original work on these sites:
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This is just one example of the photographs I share on Redgage!
Faith Draper aka byfaithonly

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