Monday, June 14, 2010

Lansing City Guide Examiner

Little late on this announcement as it's been a few weeks ago now but I have received a new title with "Lansing City Guide Examiner". I look forward to sharing the sites, activities, and events in and around the capital of Michigan - Lansing.

Whether you live in or near Lansing, are planning a trip to the area in the future, or if you would merely enjoy learning a bit about other areas of the world I would love to have you visit my published articles, kind comments are always welcome, and while there why not subscribe to my articles - you'll receive an email each time a new article is published. Don't panic this is at most 1 every day or 2 so I won't be filling up your mail box.

Currently I only have 5 articles published but look forward to adding more in the very near future. 

Travel to Lansing the capital of Michigan the Great Lakes State

Potter Park Zoo a great place to spend a day in Lansing

The Fenner Nature Center Lansing Michigan

Turner-Dodge House Lansing Michigan

Golf Courses in and around Lansing

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