Monday, March 01, 2010

Whirl-Wind Weekend

Wow what can I? I spent most of the weekend reading, a great book by a new friend of mine "Living in the Heartland" a full review will be coming hopefully in the next few days.

Other than reading I worked some more on getting my family photographs organized. My 'pictures tub' was getting out of control. You know those albums that are falling apart, pictures that go pulled out for one project or another and never replaced, or the pictures you took and just didn't know what to do with.... Multiply that by 4 kids and 5 grandkids along with siblings, nieces and nephews and all the others. Not done yet but making great progress.

Yesterday I did make it out to Cascades Park and took a series of photos of kids & families sledding down the hills. Afraid pictures didn't come out as good as I had hoped but will be sharing some in the next few days.

'All By Myself'

Off to do some writing now - book review (my first) and another personal story from my life experience.


Sheryl Young said...

Cool, Faith!

Christy Cross said...

can't wait to read your review and get started on the book myself!

Melody Jones said...

I have to admit - that picture is kind of lonely!

Cindy Springsteen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend even though a whirl wind one! Picture is great! Looking forward to reading your review.