Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Morning World

It's Friday morning and my plans are to spend the day relaxing and reading a book - two things I have not done in ages. While I haven't done a lot of writing this week I have made some terrific new connections and made great progress on getting better organized.

I'm in the process of cleaning up my computer - being guilty of saving everything but then being unable to find things when I want them this was needed.

I also started a project with two of my grandchildren (Andrew 7 & Colleen 4) sorting out family photographs. This has provided great fun for the kids seeing their Mom, uncles, and Grandma as we were growing up. It also gave me a great blessing. In the tub of photos which contained a dozen albums that were falling apart and pictures falling out I found a picture of my Mom and her three brothers (my 3 favorite uncles - one has since passed away) that I didn't realize or remember I had.

An unexpected but rewarding activity this week was signing up with Redgage. At Redgage you can share writing, links, and photo. The only reason I joined was to share some of the 1000s of pictures I have on my computer but I got a great surprise. The second day I was a member one of my photos 'Lilies' was chosen as a featured photograph. Two days later I found myself on the 'Featured Users' list. Not sure how I managed that as I don't feel I've done anything other than share some pictures and make a few new friends but was/am honored.

While there have been some down times or  disappointments for the most part I would say this has been a terrific week filled with productivity, blessings, and rewards. Do you take joy in the small joys or are you waiting for the big prize? Myself am very happy with the little things and I hope you have had as great a week as I have.

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