Sunday, February 07, 2010

OnlyWire (Test/Review)

“Auto-Syndicate Your Content to Millions of Readers with One Button”

This past week I was introduced to OnlyWire. Being a publisher, blogger, and webmaster I felt this would be a very helpful system to syndicate my content to several social and bookmarking sites at one time. Using this system would boost traffic to my content, save me time by submitting with just the click of a button, and increase my search engine rankings with backlinks.

It only takes a minute to sign up with OnlyWire and they offer both free and paid memberships. Of course I love free so went for that right off. Once you have a membership you are given a page that list the top social networking sites (see list below). This is the part that is time consuming if you don't already have memberships with each of the individual sites. There are spaces for each site to enter your Username and Passwords.

I spent several hours signing up with the sites I didn't already have memberships with but if you prefer you can just use the ones you have at the time and add more later as you join more social or bookmarking sites.

Once you have your OnlyWire profile set up you can start to submit content. You will need the title, url, keywords, brief description of the content you plan to submit (article, web page, blog post). For my test run I submitted my publisher's page for Associated Content, an article, and one of my blogs. The following list is the sites and results of my submission using OnlyWire. Sites with * I recommend using!

Ask --- found no trace of any of my submissions
*Bebo --- all three submissions posted
*Bibsonomy --- all three submissions posted
Blinklist --- no sign of submitted links did submit manually fine
BookmarkSync --- posts but not public or searchable
*Connotea --- all three submissions posted
*Delicious --- all three submissions posted
*Digg --- all three submissions posted
Diigo --- posts auto but set as private
Fark --- posted 'not approved' very unprofessional site in my view
Faves --- said posted but found no trace of my content
FriendFeed ---didn't post, I did import bookmarks from delicious
*GoogleBookmarks --- all three submissions posted
Hi5 --- no links game site 'for the youth market'
Jumptags ---both tests failed, is good site worth manual,
*LinkaGoGo --- 2 failed 1 successful, imported bookmarks from delicious
*Mixx --- all three submissions posted
*Multiply --- all three submissions posted
*MySpace --- said succeeded only 1 of 3 posted
Newsvine ---news articles only permitted
Plaxo ---failed all posts
*Plurk --- all three submissions posted
*Simpy --- all three submissions posted to my
Slashdot --- failed all posts
*Spurl --- all three submissions posted
Tumblr ---unable to access site
Stumbleupon ---said all succeeded but none posted
*Mister-Wong --- all three submissions posted

I did not submit to these 3 sites because I had already manually submitted my content to them.
Yahoo Bookmarks

At the time I ran the test submissions I did not have memberships with these two sites so they were not included in the test.

Although not terrific results I will use OnlyWire again in the future.


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