Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mom Bloggers Club

Sorry all my men friends this one is NOT for you unless you have a wife, sister, friend or other 'Mom' in your life who blogs. I was introduced to the Mom Bloggers Club a couple weeks ago. Mom Bloggers Club claims to have over 6000 members and I would believe it from the number of great Moms I have met already.

Sign-up for the club is free and you get a profile page where you can share your blog information, Twitter id, and a number of other things you would like to share with other Mom Bloggers. Then you can start meeting the other Moms and their blogs. Be forewarned there are a lot of blogs and all are terrific. You might want to start by posting a note on the discussion board just introducing yourself. You can find discussion boards on topics such as Giveaways, Motherhood, Parenting & Family, and Mom-to_Mom Business along with many others.

Another great way to meet other Mom Bloggers are the long list of groups you can join. I joined Moms on Twitter first, then Under 100 Followers Club-Blogger and just the other day Christian Mom Bloggers.

Some other examples of groups available at Mom Bloggers Club include:
Friends Following Friends!
How to Become a Product Reviewer
Contests and Giveaways Galore!
The Mommy Reviewers
Blog/Site Design
Rate My Blog
Military wives
Word Press Support Group
The Giveaway Enthusiasts
The Funny Moms
Through the Bible in 2010
Aspiring Writers
Running Mommies

If you see the badge below you can be pretty sure that blog you are visiting is a member of Mom Bloggers Club. If you are a Mom with a blog or even a Mom to Be you may want to come on over and join the club. Be sure to look me up, I'd love to meet you, you can find me HERE!


Loveleng said...

Sure did its a great way to start blogging and gain friends for mom bloggers like us...just visiting...have a nice day.

Sara A Broers said...

Nice post~ great places to meet other blogging Moms, enthusiasts on line!

Cascia said...

I love Mom Bloggers Club!