Monday, February 15, 2010

Giving Out Rewards

It was late afternoon and I had to get to the bank before it closed. My horrid dilemma hit when I could not find my eye glasses. I can not drive without my glasses, my driver license says so. Plus I admit I can not see well without them (I’m near sighted).

I turned the house upside down searching, retracing my steps for the day turned up no sign of the needed spectacles. I knew they did not walk away on their own and as I was the only one whom used them I could not blame the disappearance on the kids.

Closing time was nearing so I broke down and offered a reward to the kids. ‘There’s a $5.00 reward for my glasses. I need them now!”

My next oldest son, about 15 at the time and standing over 6 foot tall sauntered into the kitchen where I was, “Mom does it matter where we find them? Do we still get the money?”

I did not understand his question but in a frantic I responded “Yes” to both his questions.

With a gesture much like I picture Sir Galahad my son swept his hand over my head and presented me with my eye glasses… He then put out his other hand with a look on his face that could only mean, “Ok, give me the money.”

Yes, the entire hour or more I was searching the house my glasses were right there on top of my own head – a place I have a habit of putting them as I do not need them unless driving, watching television, or on the rare occasion there is something I actually want to see that is more than 10 feet from my face.

I paid my son the money although a bit grudgingly. The real kicker was a week later my oldest son, 17 at the time, came in the house and asked, “Hey Mom do you know where your glasses are?”

A bit confused by his question I glanced towards the coffee table where my glasses rested and answered, “Yes, why?”

“Cause I need some money and figured that would be a quick way to make some.” We both laughed yet in our hearts neither of us really thought it was funny. He still needed money and I was still out $5 for my own stupidity.

I realized then that a week later I was still dissatisfied with having to keep my word and pay $5 for the missing glasses that were right on top of my own head.

I learned two lessons from this simple situation. One, if you lose something look for it in the obvious place first. Second, if you offer a reward, or anything else, be prepared to pay up but with a happy heart.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38 (New International Version)

May the Lord Bless you till we meet again,
Faith aka byfaithonly

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arlee bird said...

That's funny. I don't lose my glasses because I don't take them off except when I sleep and then they are always kept in the same place.
My wife however is always misplacing her glasses and keys. I try to convince her to always keep them in the same place. Maybe she likes the drama of having to look for things and getting me involved.

Getting My Words Out said...

LOVE your blog...what a funny story, but an even better reminder. That "happy heart" thing gets me more than I'd like to admit!
Thanks for sharing yourself with the world. And, let me just say, your ARE making "money" on the's just treasure in Heaven not something you can go spend at Target today!!! :D

Christy Cross said...

Too funny! Sounds like something I would do...especially love your son coming back to make more money on another day! PRICELESS!!

Sara A Broers said...

This is funny~ My theory on "sunglasses" in this household. I buy 'em cheap- as I will lose them, break them, or sit on them! Sounds like your kids have found a new "piggy bank." Hang on to those glasses- those are going to cost you, if you don't! Cute it.

Jaime said...

What a great story, got a laugh out of me! Too bad your boy enjoyed taking advantage of you. And you are right; we need to be grateful whenever we give freely of ourselves.

Cascia said...

That is a great story! I've heard of this happening to other people before.

Cindy Springsteen said...

Faith, this is just too funny and totally knowing you the way I do is something you would do, hehe me too for that matter :D I misplace mine all the time. Thanks for writing us this very funny story!

Julie Walraven said...

Faith, I've done my share of missing in an obvious place too... and my husband has done the top of the head placement and lost them but the paying your son... adds to my laughter. Thank you!