Friday, October 02, 2009

Cutting Back but Adding More :(

Sometimes in life we can easily become over whelmed by all the 'things' going on. With the internet this can be even more so. A great example is just a few months ago I basically closed down two blogs because of 'limited time available'. So what do I turn aroud and do? Started a new blog this past weekend.

Faith's Angels Blog
"We all need a few angels in our lives. Here you will find Bible scriptures mentioning angels, angel pins, magnets, and ornaments available for sale and anything else I can find related to angels."

Just one sample of the many Angels available!

The internet is an ever changing world and at times we need to know when to hold em, know when to fold em... If your working a program, system, or attempting to earn in some way on line it's import that you take a look at where you are spending time and the results. If your not showing a 'return' for your time and effort it may just be time to make some changes and let go of some things.

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