Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ClicksVista - Make Money Online

I just signed with this program a few days ago and have already earned over a dollar. Ok, to some that may not seem like much money but for a simple program very similar to paid to click programs that's not bad. I also will admit I have not completed half the earning opportunities and didn't do anything at all 1 day. You can earn money online at ClicksVista by viewing, clicking, signing up, and shopping.

If you join ClicksVista now you get $0.25 free on your account and it's easy to earn a couple dollars a day every day. The minimum payout is great, only $5.00 and they by via Paypal or Amazon Gift Certificates. On the 'down side' the referral program is not the greatest from what I can see but do believe the direct earnings are worth giving it a try.


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