Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monetize your Site or Blog

Adbrite is another business that sells ad space, much the same as Adsense and others. Advertisers pay the company to promote their business or product and in turn pay YOU to run those ads on your website or blog.

I have received 1 payment already and the second is on it's way (payment is via check). This is really easy money - copy and paste the code on your blog or website and let your traffic work for you earning for views and clicks.

Naturally the time it takes to reach the $10 payout depends greatly on the amount of traffic to your site or blog but I've done it twice now with ads only on 2 pages of my personal web site - now how hard it that?

If you would like to earn money from the traffic to your web site or blog I highly recommend you click the button below and join now - you could be earning money in just a matter of minutes.

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