Monday, October 15, 2007

TopSurfer Increases Money Surf Earnings

I know I've discussed TopSurfer in the past but I think this site bares mentioning again.

If you missed my prior post and are not familure with TopSurfer this is a traffic exchange - you register and add your sites you would like to promote. Then you simply use the surf bar to visit the sites of other TopSurfer members - at the same time they are visiting your site.

The really great thing about TopSurfer is they also offer a 'money surf' where at the same time you are visiting member's sites you can also earn CASH! I like this a bunch. In the past the earnings have been 1 Cent for each 35 sites visited but they've been running a special and are paying 2 Cents per 35 sites.

Ok, that may not seem like much but lets face it if you have a site you are promoting why not get paid what you can to 'advertise' rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

TopSurfer is a great site, they've been around for years (I've been a member for over 5 years myself), and I have gotten a lot of referrals for other sites by advertising on TopSurfer.

Don't be surprised if you see my latest blog,
Nature Inspired Handcrafts Blog while surfing at TopSurfer.

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