Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Business - Nature Inspired Handcrafts

It's been a long hard hot summer and I've been very very lax about posting here but I'm back for at least the time being....

Most of the summer has been spent getting a new business going and it has been a lot of work. Nature Inspired Handcrafts is just what the title says - a wide range of products handmade right here in Michigan.

Not only has it meant creating enough items to sell but have been setting up books and records, doing all the accounting, setting up a web site, Nature Inspired Handcrafts, and an online store, Nature Inspired Handcrafts Online Store, but also making arrangements to do local Arts & Crafts Shows.

My major artistic accomplishment thus far beyond what I've been doing for years has been learning to make glass beads (nope we're not using those mass produced store bought beads - each bead is made individually) and learning to make dream catchers (doing my best to keep them as authentic as possible right down to collecting feathers to use on them - I will admit the majority right now have been provided by the variety of chickens out behind the studio).

Next will be stained glass - something I've wanted to learn for years but because of the expense for materials and equipment I haven't been able to do.

For now it's off to bed but will leave you with some links important to me:
Nature Inspired Handcrafts (main site)
Nature Inspired Handcrafts Online Store
Nature Inspired Handcrafts Blog

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