Monday, August 27, 2007

Reverse Auction - What?

Free gifts, cash prizes, and sweepstakes in one spot and it gets even better. I couldn't believe it when I checked out this site! For years and years I've gone to auctions and the 'high bid' is the winner. Not so with Bid4Prizes.

Not only are there free gifts, sweepstakes, and cash prizes but the lowest unique bid is the winner. That's right, the low bid is the winner. Some of the items available to bid on are vacations, computers, televisions, even cars.

How it works is you might bid 3 cents on a Plasma TV and if that's the lowest bid and no one else bids that you just got yourself a really great deal on a TV.

If you like auctions, enjoy sweepstakes, want some cash prizes, or just want to pick up some free gifts you really do want to check out Bid4Prizes.


free reverse auction said...

I would like to beleive this is real, can it be? It seems so easy but too easy.

Kathi said...

Hi! Didn't see a way to email you so I thought I'd leave a comment to see what you thought of this site:

Cash Crate

So far I've made about $25 at it... some of the surveys are dumb and some of the stuff costs $ - but a lot is free and kind of fun, too.

And I know they actually do pay out because I've gotten two checks!