Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moving Part 3

Well, I have vacated the old house and although not settled am in the 'new place'. Very unorganized still but am starting to get things in place and it is feeling more like 'home'.

Anyone who has been divorced might appreciate this fact. I am now renting from one of my ex-husbands. We've been divorced for nearly 16 years and have not had a good relationship since but it was offered.

His house is huge, beautiful, and on a quiet country road. You would think this would be perfect for 'writing' - has been my dream for many years as I was living on Main St. in a small but hectic small town. Not so 'quiet' here though. My daughter and her family (including my 4 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter) are living in the finished walk-out basement. My ex has the main floor.

I have the loft plus a room and private bath on the main floor. The photo here is of the back of the house but only shows the 2 upper levels - the triagle window and skylights are my main living area and there are the same on the opposite side of the house, lots of windows and light.

I love being close and here for my daughter and grandchildren but can see already it is going to take some major adjustments. When the little ones are in the house they want to be with Grandma. This cuts into my quiet work time alot. Last night we faught for an hour with the 2 year old because she wanted to sleep with grandma.

Grandma was just too tired to be up most of the night worrying about her as I certainly do not trust her with the loft rails and spiral stairs ;( I felt bad when my daughter carried her to her own room screaming 'wanna seep wif Gamma, wanna seep wif Gamma'

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