Friday, January 26, 2007

Freelance Writing Web Content

For thirty (cough cough) plus years I've dreamed of being a writer. I've written diary after diary, letter after letter, email after email and over and over again have been told I should be a writer. My dream for all of these years has been to someday write what has now become simply called "The Book".

It wasn't until this past year that I realized I could put my love of writing and a talent thus far spent on entertainment of friends and family mainly into an income. By coupling my love of writing with another love, learning, I have fallen into a much needed nitch on the Internet. Content writing! Or also known as writing articles for web sites, blogs, newsletters, and forums.

The old days of "you build it and they will come" is obsolete. Today to gain the best traffic, to build a dominating marketing front, to provide a reason for visitors to come to your web site or other Internet based media you need content. Content that pertains to your business, product or service will bring visitors to you and they will be quality visitors. People who are looking for information connected to your business are far more likely to become customers.

Custom Articles
Up to 250 Words - $8 ------------Copy Editing $2
250 - 400 Words - $12------------Copy Editing $4
400 - 600 Words - $15------------Copy Editing $6
600 - 800 Words - $20------------Copy Editing $8
800 - 1000 Words - $25-----------Copy Editing $10

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for payment details!
Faith Draper


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