Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Much Going On

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted on my blog (or anywhere for that matter) but God has been moving in my life in many many ways.

The greatest I would have to say is my 'new' job. Yes, after being unemployed except for part-time cleaning for my landlady for nearly 2 years I now have a real job. Years back I said I would never work at a home for the elderly again but I am and loving it. I guess someone finally got it into my head I am a care-giver and if I must say so myself am pretty good at it.

If you're not familiar with homes for elderly for the most part they are places families stick their 'loved ones' to live out the remainder of their days. NOT so with my new job - one of the requirements is to spend time with the residents and help them to be safe, comfortable, and happy. Playing cards, bingo, watching movies, going for walks (inside and/or outside) or just setting and talking. Hugs, hand holding and prayers are more common than not.

I love my new job and God willing will be there until I'm ready to be a resident myself :) Please feel free to share your experience with homes for the elderly!

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Marie said...

awesome!! completely awesome!!



Gayle Crabtree said...

Welcome back to blogging. Congratulations on landing such a fun job!

I've been in many such facilities to see family and church members. Finding a rest home with someone who is actively involved is like winning the lottery. The residents and their families will be glad that you're there.

Dete said...

God works in mysterious ways. Many times He takes us places that we don't want to go and we find out later that the place was just perfect for us :-)

Kelline said...

My congratulations on the changes God has wrought in your life. Only by faith, indeed.