Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying to Clean up the Blog

Been doing a little playing around with the blog. Due to lack of funds I've had to let my web site (byfaithonly.com) go but am praying someday soon will be able to get it back. In the mean time I will share what I can here and of course on the different sites I write for (just look at prior posts and you will find many).

I have gone through many of my posts and cleared up some confusing tags - if you are a regular reader (hoping I have at least a few) you will see I've changed several of the tags to either "Faith Rambling" or "Faith Rant" - am guessing it won't take long to figure out my mood or attitude for each :)

Two grandkids are spending a little time with me so will share a fun Michigan Picture of same kids when we got our first snow here in Michigan.

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