Monday, April 12, 2010

Michigan - Ohio Football Rivalry and the Magazine Salesman

It was west Texas in the late 1970s when a man knocked on my door selling magazines. He offered all kinds of deals but honestly a mother of two young boys, with house and husband to care for when did I have time to sit and read magazines.

I politely declined the salesman’s deals but he just didn’t want to give up. You know how door to door salesman are – don’t get me wrong I understand it’s a job and they do provide a service, saving us from going to the store and all but some can be ‘annoying’.

This one was getting to that ‘annoying’ stage when he said just the WRONG thing, “Oh come on now you’re not going to hold it against me because I’m a Yankee are you?”

I’m a Yankee, born in the beautiful state of Michigan. I was also extremely homesick for my family and the green foliage and abundance of lakes that west Texas with its flat, dry, dust, dust, dust did not offer.

I quickly asked, “Where are you from?”

His one word response was my instant way out of purchasing any magazines, “Ohio!”

I instantly came back with, “Nope I won’t hold it against ya because you’re a Yankee but I sure will because you’re a Buckeye!”

For the first time in 10 minutes the salesman was quiet as his chin hit the porch step. I wished him a nice day and closed the door…

Now, I realize this story may only be funny to fellow Michiganders (people from Michigan). I honestly do not have anything against people from Ohio (referred to as Buckeyes after their state tree). But…

Do you get annoyed at door to door salesman? Or do you love them?
Have you ever been given a way out of a situation you totally did not expect?
Are you sometimes a little rude to people when you are annoyed?

I do laugh when I think of this story but then there is something inside me that says, “That really wasn’t very nice of you!”

Football history: the animosity or ‘rivalry’ centered on the football games between The University of Michigan and Ohio State has been going on since the late 1800s. Between 1897 and 2009 Michigan has won 57 games, Ohio has won 44 games, and there have been 6 tied games! I did not get those figures off the top of my hat – I had to do some research :)

You can find more interesting facts on about my home state on my site here Michigan

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