Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

My Tuesday list of What Makes Me Happy –
Willow Trees
Gardening in the Morning
Tomatoes fresh off the Vine
Fluffy Kittens
Frisky Puppies
Birds Singing
Strawberry Ice cream
Curling up with Piles of Pillows
60's Music
Feeling Loved
Can you list 10 things a day for a week that make you happy? Please contact SpreadingJOY NOW for details!


Sara A Broers said...

10 things a day for a week~Boy, that would make this Mom think! Thinking is sometimes very dangerous! Nice idea, not sure if I'm up to the challenge- you never know! Love this idea- I'll have to stop by tomorrow to see what makes Wednesday's happy!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I love your list. :) I can't wait for those tomatoes off the vine. Thanks for your comment today on CHP. It's great that your church practices hospitality this way. Your missionaries are blessed.