Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twitter Down?

The dynamic social network site has been unaccessable for over two hours now. News on the internet is this could be due to problems started on Thursday, but no official information has been found yet.
How does that effect the users? At this point there is no access to the site although some reports state there are some features still working such as direct messages. I have not figured out how this could be possible as I've not been able to access any part of the site.
What to do? I'm lost! Part of my Sunday morning routine is to jump on Twitter to say good morning to any friends who might also be early risers, see who's posted before going to church, and check to see if I've gotten any new followers during the night.
I have learned that tweeter using HootSuite can view posts, message, and function as normal through the HootSuite site. Hopefully Twitter will be back to normal shortly!

Peace and Joy,
Faith Draper aka byfaithonly

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