Monday, February 25, 2008

The 'Best PTC' Sites

As a member of myLot for over a year now two of the most common discussions I've seen involving making money are 'what's the best way to make money online?' and 'what's the best PTC (paid to click) program?'

After spending a length of time studying the PTC programs I belong to I came to the realization early this morning that there really is no ONE best answer for either of these questions. There are simply too many variables that come into play.

Looking at PTC sites alone for me personally I have had the most earnings off ClixSense but it is also the only PTC site I have paid for the upgrade and being from the USA it's reported there are many more targeted ads for my country.

This alone could cause ClixSense not to be the favorite for others.

So, what is a person to do? I have made up a short list of things I look at personally when reviewing a PTC site:

#1 - Do they accept members from my country and others?
#2 - What payment processor(s) do they use?
#3 - What is the payout amount?
#4 - How much are the average or majority of ads pay?
#5 - How many ads do they present on an average day?
#6 - Can I find authentic proofs of payment?
#7 - Is the web site professional and clean?
#8 - Do I encounter numerous problems with the site?

You may ask why or for what purpose I ask myself each of these questions and over the next week or so I will be going into detail about each of these question to hopefully help you become profitable and comfortable with earning money from PTC programs.


lungfive said...

But i have tried some PTC sites are worked,but after a period of time, they are not worked. You will see when you have accumulated a lump sum of earnings and can't withdraw any.

Faith said...

that is true, there are some PTC sites that do this but there are also many that don't and pay regularly with no problems.