Friday, February 15, 2008

$25 Free Money - US Residents Only!

Ok, right up front I am going to tell you I am very very uncomfortable disclosing my bank information online. Hey I don't have much in there but every penny counts in my life right now. But on the recommendation of a friend I went for it.

Yep, $25 just for signing up with this site, registering a bank account, verifying that account, and transferring that $25 from the online site to my bank account. All total it took at most 5 minutes of actual work and the money is in my bank account.

This is a very new payment processor online but is owned by a long standing reputable off-line company. If you would be interested in joining this business and get in from the start along with making an easy $25 feel free to e-mail me at and I will have a personal invitation sent to you directly.

Please note - other countries are welcome to join but only US residents can receive the $25 sign-up bonus. Also, at this time this processor is only good for transferring funds to other members of the site.

I should also add that at the time of this post this $25 bonus is only good until the end of Feb. I will post if this changes.

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