Friday, July 27, 2007

This Burns Me - Earning Sites with False Promises

The screen shot below is from the home page of the Paid to Click site 'Show Me The Cash' - well, I was particularly impressed with line 3 here - 3 cents per ad!

Well, you can imagine my disappointment when after over a week membership and my earnings are still at 0.00 Yep, I haven't earned a thing for one specific reason I refuse to waste my time clicking on the ads.

When you look at the screen shot below you can see why - points on a 30 second timer. Nope I'm a bit upset with the false advertising on this program and am not going to waste space on my blog including a banner for this program.

Note - If you like spending your time clicking for next to nothing feel free to join by clicking on the title of this post.

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