Sunday, July 01, 2007

Office with a View

I’m sure most anyone who has worked in a small office cubical with no window and cramped spaces will truly appreciate this post.

I thought maybe it was about time I shared a little more detail about my new living spaces. With a private bed and bathroom plus the entire loft I have elected to use the ‘bedroom’ as a storage/dressing room. The loft is where I spend my time when indoors which working from home I am required to do at least occasionally.

I certainly can not complain one bit though. With my living space, office, and bed all in one central location it is really rather convenient rather than moving from room to room constantly. You know it never fails what you want or need is going to be in another room.

So, all three ‘rooms’ have the same view. To the north from my recliner I have two large triangular shaped windows pictured in these first two photos.

This photo shows the upper corner of one of the triangular windows as well as the beautiful chandler that hangs over the living room of the main area below.

Almost directly above my head is one of 4 skylights. This picture shows the one to the southeast of where I’m setting. The other two skylights bank the chandler.

Facing the south are these two large windows that look out over the driveway but from the comfort of my chair with laptop in front of me I see more sky and trees.

This last picture was taken from the railing of the loft and shows the fireplace on the lower level flanked by solid glass French doors on each side. Above the doors are 2 rectangular windows and above those are the 2 triangular windows mentioned above.

The fireplace and lower windows are in full view from my ‘desk’ which I’ve placed just next to the railing. Yes, I am enjoying my new office space with all the spectacular views of sky and greenery.

I have uploaded all of these photos to Shareapic where you can view them full sized along with many of the other photos I’ve taken the last few months.

If you have photos you would like to share with others a great place to do so is Shareapic just CLICK HERE to get started it's really fun and easy.

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