Wednesday, January 03, 2007 Something for Everyone

 By Faith Only is a Christian web site devoted to sharing God's love by way of music, graphics, scripture, poems, and inspirational messages. The main idea behind By Faith Only is not to stand on an Internet pulpit and preach religion to people but to offer useful information to anyone and everyone while at the same time sharing information about Christianity in different ways such as Bible Studies, Inspirational American Women, and personal stories about life.

There is a lot of information that is not bible thumping at By Faith Only in the recipe section you can find 100s of recipes for anything from cookies to salads, main dishes to low carbohydrate recipes. Not into cooking? How about tips on getting rid of flees or spiders naturally! By Faith Only also has an entire section devoted to America and proudly supports our service men and women. Or if you're into family genealogy you may want to visit the Family Tree area, who knows you may find some long lost relatives.
Whether you're looking for free graphics for your own web site, a good laugh, or just feel like crying. If you don't know what to give that great niece for a baby shower gift you might take a look at the homemade baby afghans for sale. If you're planning a trip to Michigan you can always by a visit to the section on Michigan and get some ideas for sites to visit while you're there. At By Faith Only there is something for just about everyone.
by Faith Draper

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